• FREISITZER Roland: tuba concerto (2020)

solo tuba
2 bass flutes (both doubling alto flute in G)
2 bass clarinets in B-flat
baritone saxophone in E-flat  
trumpet in C
2 trombones 
percussion (2 players):
3 cowbells, 5 templeblocks, tam-tam, crotales (with contrabass bow), vibraphone
3 bongos, 2 tom-toms, 1 tom-tom (with loose felt), 2 steel-drums, log-drum, bass drum, 
1 medium sized tam-tam with water bucket (water gong), metal sheet (Donnerblech) 
2 violas
2 violoncello
contrabass (5 string)

duration: app. 20 minutes


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score: perusal score only! / nur Ansichtsmaterial!

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FREISITZER Roland: tuba concerto (2020)

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